Our Services


Our services

Whether buying, renting or staying in a holiday home you need a professional service so everything can run smoothly.

Buying a house is complicated enough in your own country let alone abroad where you don't understand the way things work. Our English speaking staff, having their own personal experiences of moving to and living in Spain, can offer you their professional support and step by step guidance.

Among our services we offer:

  • A transport service to and from Alicante and Murcia airports.
  • Advice and help with contracting services such as electricity, water, phone, internet, gas etc
  • Information and help with contracting electricians, plumbers, carpenters and maintenance services.
  • Help to integrate your family in the new areas with visits to schools, colleges and universities, along with information about choosing public or private health care in your chosen area.
  • Translation services for your trips to the doctors, hospitals, solicitors, notary, etc.
  • Information about pubs, restaurants, golf courses, sports complexes, cinemas, tourist attractions and bars along with information on the events and traditions of the area.

For your holidays in Spain, we offer you a collection service from the airport, a cleaning service, home beauty treatment and a shopping package for your arrival, if required (at extra cost).

There is also a boat hire service, yaths, sail boats and boat trips to the island of tabarca.

On arrival we will give you a short tour of the area and will be on call to help with any problems you may have during your stay.

We work hard to make sure you have a safe and enjoyable stay so when you leave we can look forward to seeing you again.